Production design and Art direction

Concept, design, and building of sets, models and props for movie projects.

Concepts, designs and building

¨Trulla Svin II" ZBrush turnaround and 3D printed model in resin, dim: 4inches high – Movie project: Ravenclaws.

¨Rawhead¨ Turnaround and poses, dim: 23cm high – Movie project: Ravenclaws.

¨Rawhead¨ test. Making of for stop motion puppet. Face and pelvis: hand carved wood, Hands: foam latex, Body: foam, wire and liquid latex , dim: 23cm high – Movie project: Ravenclaws.

Set finished and movie stills – Movie project: Ancient Temple.

Building process of Ancient Temple set, dim: 24x24feet – Movie project: Ancient Temple.

Prototype of scissors to be used as a prop. Hard Clay model, dim: 18cm long – Movie project: Fall of the House of Usher.

Moodboard, colour palette, costumes and logo designs – Movie project: Eating Crow.

Torture Rack. Wood, iron, steel, resin, dim: 250x100x70cm – art project: Torture Chamber

Chair. Iron, steel, dim: 170x100x80cm – art project: Torture Chamber

Pendulum. Iron, steel, dim: 240x60x7cm – art project: Torture Chamber