J. Tormento

Artist & Creative writer Europe

An artist of collage and mixed media as well as a filmmaker, J. Tormento has a major background in the animation and film industry. A cabinet of underground icons, counter-culture, pop and folklore blended into images that clash, his most personal pieces of art play in a muddy frontier where the canvas works as a meeting point for the unexpected and the fantastic.



Official selection The Coast is Queer, 26th Vancouver Queer Film Festival (Hall of Mirrors. A movie inspired by Freud’s theories and Alice in Wonderland characters) [link]


Projected in Le Marais district, Paris, Nuit Blanche, Paris (Genesis 2.0 is a video art about life creation, evolution and experiments) [link]


Selected in various music video festivals and contests, Various (Error 404. Band: Audio Spain) [link]


Best Ident video, Animadrid'09 (Blending most of the animation techniques together, Alternative Madrid reviews the important elements of the spanish capital city) [link]


Ex aequo Best animated short film, Creajoven 2007 (The Black Cat. A stop-motion and mixed media short movie based upon Poe’s horror story) [link]


Art direction Illustration Concept design Film making Environment design Production design Creative writing